28 April 2010

Doodling in a Notebook

In High School I never really had a plan. I was more of a "go-with-the-flow" type of girl, as well as fidgeting a lot if I was not occupied. I was on Thanksgiving break visiting a friend. She had to go to school while I had to find something to do. The best way to keep my mind busy and content is of course to give me a pad and a pen. The drawing started out as a Raven, I had always thought they were cool birds and so potentially something worthy of drawing. Surly enough, I had no idea how to draw Ravens and thought I could turn my sketch into something else. After flipping the page clock-wise four times, I came back to the start to suddenly see a girl. 16 hrs later, I had this.

27 April 2010

Mt. Baker Tribute

This is one of the first Large Acrylic paintings I made while at Idyllwild Arts Academy. It is an Ode to Mt.Baker. As any 'Bellinghamer' would know, Baker is more of an obsession then anything else. So while living in California, the hole in my heart needed to be filled, and this is what I stuffed it with. Even though it may look dark and jagged, I feel such a calm peace within the landscape. I would say this is my dreamy memory and longing to return to the place I had called home for so long. I have this painting hanging in my apartment, and I will probably always keep it close by.