22 August 2014

Pit-stop #4: Road Poem

N89, W I-40, N93, N95, W44, W299, S101.

Missing one of the interstates in there.  But considering how much distance of nothing I covered, why would I remember?

20 August 2014

Pit-stop #3: Bon-Voyage Pops

Still in Arizona, but just about to leave.  It sure is green here during the monsoon season.

Pit-stop #2: Book Project

Just a little gift to leave for my pops.

After recovering a bunch of old black and white photos of my dad's childhood I took the chance to craft something with them that he could keep.

Super basic material.  Some thick condensed cardboard, thin twine, glue, linen fabric, and specialty papers.  And for tools use a bone tool, straight edge, and exacto knife.

19 August 2014

Pit-stop #1: Arizona

There is no excuse for my lack of presence in recent posts.  Everyone knows what it's like to be busy, and there are a number of things blame.  But most of all, should I just say?  Summer.

But with summer slipping by, it is time for a little adventure.  I'm on a road trip, but with two major stops.  Arizona, and California.  I'll share my pit-stops and adventures if I can.