16 December 2012

Rockenbach Productions

In preparation for starting a company, I thought it suitable to design a logo.  It is based on a goldfish named Honeydew.

It was when I was sitting in my kitchen talking to my fish when I realized that he would make a perfect logo.  I'm not sure what instinct told me that, but I decided to go with it.

It wasn't unti later I finished the drawing that I looked up some information on fish/goldfish as a totem. Here is what I found:



Cool, its a good thing I listen to my intuition. Goldfish:

This is what the drawing looks like.  I use this as a template to create a Vector image that I can safely use for any occasion.

At one point I though having a more graphic oriented image would be better, but the translation from drawing to vector became sloppy.  This is still a Vector image, but with less of a blur.  I was happy with this translation and might keep it around for a while.

03 December 2012

Something for Enjoyment

Click Here

While in Istanbul, I had the pleasure of meeting this fellow.  Makes me happy to be alive.