30 September 2011

Weekly Image #3

This week I have been working on a large painting, Drawing a picture for a friend, shooting and learning how to edit films on how to paint, along with many other things. As i realized last night it was time for another weekly image, I scrambled to assemble something. Its a bit more fem then usual for me, but I like it! So there it is.

28 September 2011

Does not Exist pt. 1

I drew this image when I was 13. What I want to confess at this moment, is that even I was not aware of what I am doing when it happened. Truthfully, I would have never of been able to explain what I did, and why I did it. And that is a classic "art no-no." If you are an artist and go to school, you learn that you must have a reason behind every action, you must do research, and you must look up other artists and have a dialogue about what is happening. Not me, I was 13 and naive.

Blast into the future 10 years later. I am now reading books on general relativity, quantum mechanics, sacred geometry, and geckos. All these things separately come together in one beautiful cosmic dance that now allows me to perfectly explain what I must have foreseen. No, I'm probably not a profit, but! I was most likely tapping into something i knew but didn't understand.

I don't really think many people will see what I intentionally made. That's fine, i don't think I ever really meant to show this to anyone. But, as of a month ago, I have been working on a recreation of this piece. It is a 4x4' image I am painting in oil. If you don't already see it, it is a Lizard siting on rocks and two wood planks. Engraved in one piece of wood is the words "Does not Exist." In the background there is a labyrinth, while in the foreground hangs two symbols that have been intertwined. One is the Merkaba, and the other is the Seed of Life. There are other elements throughout the painting that don't really need to be mentioned.

I am posting this because the recreation is what I mean to show at Sub-Ciliate, in Vancouver BC. My only hope is that the paint is dry by then.

27 September 2011

More Sound!

"the creative studio dentsu, teamed up with photographer linden gledhill to create this series of paint sculptures using sound vibrations. the series was part of a campaign for canon’s pixma ink printer brand. the photographs and videos begin by wrapping a membrane around a small speaker. ink drops were placed on this membrane and the speaker was turned on. once it began to vibrate the ink begins to jump up and down. high-speed video cameras and still cameras were used to capture this including circling around the sculptures to see them from all angles. experimenting with different sounds and frequencies created the various pieces."

This link is to good to pass up. Sound is the inspiration of so many things in my life, that I really enjoy when I find others that love it as much as I do.

23 September 2011

Myth vs. Science

"Myth number three is that you have written evidence that goes against human evolution is reported only by crackpots." (- Interviewer.)
"Now this is one of the standard techniques that the scientific community tries to use against anybody that reports something that goes against their ideas. They try to to label them in a derogatory way without actually trying to discussing the facts." (-Michael Cremo)

Doesn't any single individual do this, and even worse when its groups of people who believe in one idea? It baffles me when people put down other ideas foreign to their own. Its as if the ego could not stand the possibility of being less right then someone else. In order to grow, you must be open to everything, not just one side of the coin.

22 September 2011


It seems that I've been dabbling in the reptilian family this week. Along with this photograph, I also am working on a painting with a gecko (Soon to come for the Sub-Ciliate show in Vancouver BC if its dry by the 15th!)

What is there to say, when you have such a short range of focus its hard to get these suckers where you want them! Luckily, when I took this photograph, there where 10 other frogs in the near vicinity. This guy was the only one I could place on things and make it pose.

21 September 2011


I have always loved geometry. Then I learned what sacred geometry was, and became even more fascinated then before. Around the time I was finishing college I became obsessed with hexagons and triangles. And on a good day I could close my eyes and see shapes shifting outward from a center point. These moving images in my head became the inspiration for a lot of work around that time. However, to capture these complex and extremely intricate patterns I saw in my head were more difficult then I could have anticipated.

This Image is a tribute to a vision I had while sitting by the ocean at Mussel Beach on Vancouver Island. The only part I left out was the bright electric blue lines with white edges between all the shapes. It was done in oil, a medium I am still pretty uncomfortable with, but trying to learn nonetheless.

Who knows, it took me about a year of working on it on-and-off to get to this stage. Maybe I'll go back into it when I feel like I know how to do what I want to do to it. For now I'll just hang it in my room.

18 September 2011

Random Days

My favorite days are the ones where things happen that you never planned. You end up sharing your time with people you just met. Often finding yourself in odd places wondering how it came to be. And when its all said and done, your cheeks are sore from smiling so much.
This last weekend was mostly unplanned, and along with it came many awakenings. I continually try to achieve self improvement, and because of it I am a little bit happier every day. I am fascinated by the people I meet who are all so vastly different. And as we all move around this planet we breath in and out of each others reality's making it all the more dream-like.

And while everything changes, some things will always be the same. Like my obsession for music, and a love for the out doors. And even though camping in the northwest most likely means you'll get rained on, I still think its one of the most magical places ever.

So I'll just continue to stumble from dream to dream. Maybe one day I'll wake up, but right now I think I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be.

16 September 2011

One fish, two fish...

Red fish, blue fish. Or in my case, white fish, gold fish, the kind with round puffy cheeks.

In my dream I had been followed around by two goldfish, one was pure white, and one was gold, not to be confused with orange. that dream inspired me to create this Image. Although I did not create it this week, it captures the sense of what my weekly posts will represent. A mixture of drawing, photo, and digital manipulation.

So this is the first in the series, and hopefully the start to something fantastic!

15 September 2011

This would mark the real beginning.

Seeing as I have had this blog for two years and have only managed to make a small handful of posts, I realize it's time to to take action. From here on out, The Goal for this page will be to make at least two posts a week. Within every week, I will add one image to one of my tabs. (Drawing, Painting, Digital, or Photo) These images will all be for sale.

The reason behind this sudden spur came from the fact that I just wanted to start making art again. ALSO! I am planing on traveling to South America starting on Feb/29/2012. This is a way for me to do what I enjoy and also fund the other thing I love most in this life, Traveling.

So here is to great adventures that must be had every day!