28 June 2013

Songs from Time

Now this is what I call cool.

Credit where credit is due.

The songs from trees, a measure of time, calculated into sound, from an old technique of scratching needles against spinning plates.  A simple rhythmic poem, made from life forms much older then us.  Time sped up to match our own fluttery existence.  Simply, songs from times gone by.

22 June 2013

Summer Solstice

As part of my routine during any major event or crossroad, it's time to re-examine who I am and what I want to accomplish for the months ahead.  Yesterday was the Solstice and tomorrow is the full moon.  Two very important actions to be happening at such a crazy turning point in my life.

Life is really full of surprises, sometimes good or bad.  But I have also learned that even the bad ones can lead to something good. Everything is a sine wave.  Or as I also like to say, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.  You can never be on an all time high, because an all time low will be waiting just behind it. However...

"This too shall pass."

Good or bad.  The best thing you can ever do is except inevitable changes.  It doesn't mean it has to be easy, just that it is what it is.  So, in letting go of the bad I allow for the good to return.  This is my way of letting go of the events that have happened, as hard as they were, to make room for something new.

Goals, aspirations, dreams, and desires for 2013: (Take note that it is important to write as if it is happening so that the action becomes something you are doing, verses something you will do.)

Health. I love that my appetite craves vegetables, protein, and fruit, and that it is effortless for me to cook creative and delicious meals for myself and those I love.  Having a garden is of the utmost importance and to share my own space as well as with others to grow your own food.  I start my mornings out with juicing my favorite fruits and vegetables, as well as eating big salads for dinner.  Fine wines and cheeses are appreciated in abundance over great company.  Everyday I effortlessly find some activity to stimulates my mind, body, and soul.  I exercise as often as possible in my home, with friends, or out and about by doing what I love.  I am forming habits out of eating healthy and working my body to have optimal health as an everyday achievement.

Wealth.  I am rewarded greatly and have an overflowing abundance of money from my efforts put towards working.  I make smart investments with my money which allows me to grow more wealth with ease.  Answers come at me consistently in forming solutions for saving money on expenditures.  I always have as much as I need to live a comfortable life.  I appreciate everyday having an over abundance of wealth in all categories of my life.

Love.  I am rewarded with someone who has the ability to make my heart grow bigger with each day, knows how to build trust and communication, and sparks a wild desire.  Acts independent but is still considerate of others,  listens while also building the conversation, loves me for my perfections and my imperfections.  Has a deep understanding of Plato's idea of virtues, and leads an ethical life.  Someone who realizes the difference between loving me and being dependent on me for love, and knows that touch can be stronger then words.  I openly share my heart with the one who lives up to these unreasonably high expectations.

Happiness.  Every day puts a smile on my face, I laugh uncontrollably as often as possible, and see through the absurdities of life clearly.  I am a utilitarian in every sense, and treat everything as a means towards a best possible outcome.  My happiness triggers other peoples happiness, and in turn it becomes a domino effect.  Everywhere I go laughter becomes an infectious monster that grabs people in and wont let go. 

Friendship.  The people that I am surrounding myself with are the ambitious ones, that uphold integrity,  who search for adventure, whose hearts are bigger then their chest, and are there through thick and thin.  I keep my eyes open for meaningful friendships, people I can grow with, learn from, and teach in return.  I embrace and treasure the people who think for themselves, always strive for a better solution, take action when needed, and tries to improve the lives of themselves as well as others.  And most of all every conversation will be a chess game of wit, where everybody wins.

Career.  I improve my skills every day, learning what I can from everything I come into contact with.  Each moment I spend working is like adding a brick to a magnificent castle I am building.  One day it will be complete and everyday I am one step closer to that goal.  I'm allowed to use my creative genius and create masterpieces.  I work in a uplifting environment and continue to meet people that can help me in my pursuit.

Travel.  Always and everywhere.  My life is in perpetual motion. Always evolving, always moving.  I seek new life, and new adventure.  Life is a creation, and I am a creator.  I travel long distances, and meet extraordinary people.  Each new place has something to give, and I have something to contribute.  I safely wonder to locations I have never been to before, and travel deeper down the rabbit hole of this place we call reality.

Art.  Dance, music, writing, film, painting, photography, and play are all just a form of my art.  My existence breaths art, and I find ways to fulfill that desire where ever I go.  These actions are my form of meditation, and this is how I clear my mind. 

Myself:  I'll continually commit to loving myself, having self worth and respect, pushing my boundaries, always achieving my best, and giving myself to others as much as is within my means.  I love unconditionally and have endless compassion.  I am shedding off the old, mentally, physically and materialistically.  I am ready to become the person I have been training all these years to be, I welcome that person with open arms.


Yes I had to sever strings that I never thought I would have to let go of, and that I didn't necessarily want to let go of.  But there are certain things you never see coming and can be out of your control.  To those people, I'm sorry it had to end.  Thank you for everything you have taught me over the years, the memories I'll keep, and the adventures shared.  May you also rise up out of the ashes.

After an extraordinarily stressful 24 hours before the summer solstice, I had a very restful sleep for the first time in months only to wake up to this lovely email.

Fear, Sky, is like being invited to a party by a complete stranger to celebrate the life of someone you've never met, when you had other plans.

Should you choose to attend, however irrational it may surely seem, upon presenting your invitation at the gate you'd notice that it was in your own handwriting. Then you'd be warmly greeted by the most wonderful, familiar faces - everyone so excited, like you, because, it turns out, you're about to meet the person you've always dreamed you'd one day become.

    The Universe

Always so on point.  Thank you.

12 June 2013

Because everybody likes...


Twas a Weekend of Subduction from Cupcakes

Everyone has that certain sound that makes their heart melt.  These are a few of mine.  These tracks will forever be on my top favorites list.  First start with this...

Last weekend was reserved for exploration in Portland and along the Oregon Coast.  Sometimes words do no justice in trying to contain the feelings and emotions of random happenings in strange cities with your friends.  During these trips memories become pictures and time stops.  You watch the light flicker by, and the sound of the ocean breeze out your window.  All is silent one moment, only to burst into rambunctious laughter the next.  The people that engage in these adventures are the one who are not afraid to try.  Even when the only plan you make fails, somehow you choose an even better path.  These are the people you want by your side.  The ones willing to take a risk without any guarantee of what will happen.  Driving in old VW busses that run off willpower alone, the nomadic wanderer thrives in the uncertain.  

Parting to go your separate ways is the hardest moment, but the memories of every adventure are contained in the snapshots you keep close.  Traveling with people builds stronger bonds, better character, and higher appreciation for life.  Thank you for all I have learned.

Mementos of a fabulous weekend...

Use this to cleanse you pallet. 

While we are on the topic of Boards of Canada, they just released a new album this last weekend!  Yay!  Keep your eyes out for the album Tomorrow's Harvest.

...and if you are just not done yet, try this!