12 June 2013

Twas a Weekend of Subduction from Cupcakes

Everyone has that certain sound that makes their heart melt.  These are a few of mine.  These tracks will forever be on my top favorites list.  First start with this...

Last weekend was reserved for exploration in Portland and along the Oregon Coast.  Sometimes words do no justice in trying to contain the feelings and emotions of random happenings in strange cities with your friends.  During these trips memories become pictures and time stops.  You watch the light flicker by, and the sound of the ocean breeze out your window.  All is silent one moment, only to burst into rambunctious laughter the next.  The people that engage in these adventures are the one who are not afraid to try.  Even when the only plan you make fails, somehow you choose an even better path.  These are the people you want by your side.  The ones willing to take a risk without any guarantee of what will happen.  Driving in old VW busses that run off willpower alone, the nomadic wanderer thrives in the uncertain.  

Parting to go your separate ways is the hardest moment, but the memories of every adventure are contained in the snapshots you keep close.  Traveling with people builds stronger bonds, better character, and higher appreciation for life.  Thank you for all I have learned.

Mementos of a fabulous weekend...

Use this to cleanse you pallet. 

While we are on the topic of Boards of Canada, they just released a new album this last weekend!  Yay!  Keep your eyes out for the album Tomorrow's Harvest.

...and if you are just not done yet, try this!

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