25 May 2013


Well, once again the perfect combination of cinematography with ambient sounds.  One of my favorite songs of all time was created by Boards of Canada, called Telephasic Workshop

Due Credit:  SUMMERS RADIO!  Although he pronounces it SummersRadio™.

If you want to stay current with what music is being made and where to find it, this is the place.  He discovers new sounds faster then I can keep up with what music I own.  Follow his blog, like him on facebook or join his facebook group, he even sends out newsletters if you'd like to subscribe.  The focus is anything from "new music/ music news/ remixes/ rarities/ classics... indie dance/ rock and or roll/ spacey electronica/ acid techno/ stoner house™."

... Now that's my type of place.

And what is even better, he skips the mumbo-jumbo of trying to convince you of what is good or not like most music sites, rather he just gives you the music.  That why you decide for yourself what is good or not.  It's nothing but raw facts, and new tunes.  Enjoy!

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