Artist Statement

Having grown up in Bellingham Washington, I became attracted to the outdoors and spent most of my time exploring and making art. When I turned 16, I was accepted to Idyllwild Arts Academy in California to study as a Visual Artist where my love for art and nature continued.  I graduated with a Diploma for Arts in 2006, and was immediately accepted into Emily Carr University in Vancouver BC graduating in 2010 with a BFA.  After graduating school I started a business license and took a year to work full time as a video photographer and graphic designer.  I then took my first full trip around the globe for 8 months before returning back to Bellingham.  I currently work as Creative Director for a company and am in charge of their gallery, building and managing their website (S&C ETC.), photography, and design.  I have helped launch their social media campaign, and soon we will begin publishing a magazine.

As an individual I enjoy harmony found in nature, and as a painter I enjoy synchronizing geometric forms with landscapes as an action to re-evaluate the way we perceive our surroundings.  My early work focuses on a single matrix with simple lines that cross through the landscape.  As my work evolved I became bolder with superimposing sharper and more distinct geometric elements, creating a type of abstraction.  The landscapes are inspired by my experiences of natural surroundings, while recent geometric forms are inspired by the study of Cymatics. 

A Swiss physician, artist, and natural scientist named Dr. Hans Jenny in the early 1900’s discovered Cymatics: The structure and dynamics of waves and vibrations.  The discovery was that frequencies of sound could create geometric forms or images.  A quote from his book states "the more one studies these things, the more one realizes that sound is the creative principle."  In the last year I have become inspired by these ideas and images and plan to continue working on developing new ways to impose this research with my landscapes and figures.

My favorite quote to date: "Sound is everything." -Unknown