23 November 2011

Video #6

As time goes on, I get a bit better. For being the 7th video I've ever created, I think I'm doing pretty damn well.

Please enjoy!

Who will save us from ourselves?

This might be the best thing ever created by human.

20 November 2011

My Future Tree House

Something I uncovered today, I really loved this project. Made it about 4 years ago. I can't remember what the assignment was, but I defiantly wasn't supposed to spend as much time on it as I did.

19 November 2011

18 November 2011

Weekly Image

Fall time in the Northwest is transient. It happens for about a week, the maple leaves turn yellow, and the next week they are gone. The only thing that makes it feel like the fall is the fog, and the windstorms. Last night is snowed, hailed, the trees fell down, but when I looked out my window in the morning, this is what I see.

17 November 2011

How to paint a wolf

Another video, today I am working on being the teacher and doing a lesson on how to use colored pencil. You think it would be easy enough, but i have some cool techniques that I've been keeping to myself for many years. hard part is doing the filming and the coloring all at the same time.

13 November 2011


Living in the moment. This has been my newest goal. Its easy to get caught up in things you've done, and things your going to do. Consistently you replay memories as if they are who you are, and you project yourself into the future about thing that might become. This is the best way to make yourself go crazy.

The amount of work and travel I do keeps me busy enough, but recently I just hang out with myself. This gives me more then enough time to over think everything, and yes, that little world you create in your head isn't the most rational place to be. So rather then being upset about things in the past, and over excited about plans I'm making, I'm going to start chilling in the moment.

This last weekend was perfect. In every way. Above that it was also proof that no matter what you plan, you have to be able to accept anything that might happen. Enjoy the moment, enjoy the surprises, and enjoy the company that you are with. Be it yourself, your family, your best friend, or complete strangers. Let yourself laugh as often as possible, or even cry if you need it. Be completely transparent, and enjoy change, because know that change happens to bring about something better.

Last week I was in Tennessee. During that time I had an urge to invite my friend Marina to come visit me in Bellingham. Within 5 mins. after sending her an email, she wakes up in bed with the inclination to come visit me in Bellingham. After getting on her computer she is surprised to see my invitation, four days later we meet.

During her visit there were two major events in my eyes. The full moon on 11/10/2011. In the spur of the moments inspiration, we took a night hike up to Blanchard Mountain lookout. We could see all the islands, stars, and cities surrounding the area. We had no flashlights, but we could see everything in the forest. It was clear skies, and for the first time this year I could see Orion the Warrior peak out from behind the mountain. Winter is finally hear. But with how nice it was outside you would never even consider the seasons changing. We got home at 2 a.m. and went to bed with the intention of going to Mt. Baker for 11/11/11.

We woke up early the next morning to get ready, only to see that it was pouring down rain. We decide we will go to the mountain anyways. It was 10 a.m. when we finally shuffled out the door with our picnic, wearing casual sweaters, jeans, and a rain coat. I wore my tennies, and Marina her Gumboots. We were sure it would just be a little wet up there.

Amazingly enough, it was snowing, and at full force. We picked up some hitch hikers and helped them up the mountain. We went on our hike anyways, considering how poorly dressed we were. The snow depth went from ankle deep, to mid-calf deep, to knee deep, to waist deep, then finally chest deep. The only possible way to get back was to swim out of the snow. We eventually made it to the parking lot, ran into the hitch-hikers again and a bunch of people skiing off jumps. Hung out, but eventually ran back to the car only to strip down naked to get off our frozen wet clothes. We drove down the hill naked and took some amazing videos of the drive. All in all, I could have never of planned any of this, but I think I had way more fun the way it happened.

Video #1: This is just a raw copy of the video

Video #2: This is a bit more experimental. Working with filters and text, while altering the contrast and hues.

Thanks Marina for being a part of this amazing weekend. I don't think it could have been any better. Also a thanks for helping film this video.

09 November 2011

Year of the Dragon

To satisfy your senses, please enjoy this tune:

While I was away in the Smoky Mountains, I happened to find a new friend. I'm not sure what to call him, but he's defiantly going to be sticking around for a while. This image was made using a roller pen and sharpie. The InDesign version is yet to come.