Just because it should be shared...
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Youtube :  I've spent many years slowly sifting through videos and artists that I like. If you look at the different playlists that I have created you too can see the progress.

Favorite mixes, enjoy these when you have the time:
Michael Red- The art of melodic Ambient Dubstep beats was lost with the take over from mainstream music, except from the dark corners of Vancouver's own.  This music run rampant, and it takes a special type of person to do what this guy does.
 morning set - basscoast project - june 2011 by michael red 

Librarian- Future music, good for bass junkies that need a smooth fix.

Chadio- Dubstep hiphop mixture

Dark Aprs- Live PA techno/breaky/dubstep, awesome.

Gaiser-  I would kill to see this guy live. Live PA Techno, at its best.

Phonogenic- I smooth sophisticated taste of delicious beats with a dash of melody.  A perfect combination of a house beat, techno vocals, and a disco clap.
 Phonogenic - PodMix - April 2011 by Phonogenic 

Monkey Safari-  Great music for a sunny day at the beach with your friends, or even by yourself, eyes closed with a smile on your face feeling the breeze

Bastet- Most people don't know much about futurebass/futuredub/futuregarage music, but this is a superb example of this groundbreaking sound.
 Spectrolite by Bastet 

Blu Mar Ten- Just because its my first love.  To all the DnB heads out there.  My favorite feeling in the world is that sweet rolling Bass that only Dnb has.
 Blu Mar Ten & InsideInfo - Summer 2011 Promo Mix by Blu Mar Ten 

Music Links
I dont have the ability to post everything here, but here are other sites that have many fabulous mixes to share.
SHAH Mixes  You can't fake good taste, and these people have it.
SHAH Approved Their personal selection of favorite mixes
Subversive  Deep dark hard techno.  These guys have a special spot in my heart reserved for just them.
Lighta!  I wish they would get a real website, there are so many talented producers and DJs in their crew.
Liquid funk  Check out the different pages for mixes including DnB, Jungle, Dubstep, Dancehall, and Funk.  There all also many featured artists worth checking out.
SummersRadio  New tracks everyday.  A great way to keep up with new music.