19 May 2013


Sun is finally shining in the north-west.  Days consist of working in the garden, painting on the weekends, and riding horses in the mountains any time in between.  My posts have been thinned in the last few months, mostly because I have been expelling my creative energy at work.  My life has been on an extraordinary high, and summer hasn't even arrived yet!

But as a personal creative project, I have been working on rejuvenating a painting I haven't touched in more then a year and a half.  It is a large piece, 4'x4'- and an oil painting none-the-less.  (Something I am completely unfamiliar with)  Most of the recent layers are more a matter of covering up what was there, and starting over.  Something which seems to go along perfectly with the concept, however unintentional it was.

When I started the piece, it was paying homage to a picture I drew when I was thirteen.  I didn't realize its full potential until last year when I started reading about physics, quantum mechanics, and general relativity.  Mixed all that in with my love of mathematics, and we have a concoction for something crazy.

Now, normally I don't like showing work that is unfinished, but sometimes it is fun to see the comparison.  Other then the shapes, I am nowhere near complete.  Think of this work as a "sketch."

Getting into the science and mathematics of this work is a long and strenuous conversation that I am going to avoid this late at night.  But what I was mostly interested in documenting is the fact that I am using such an apparent animal as the focus of this work.  It would indeed be the Gecko.  Normally I work with shapes over landscapes, so this has been really new.

I decided I should figure out what the Gecko stands for in mythologies about totem animals and spirits, this is what i came across:

Shows how to be out-going with tact and how to cope and overcome obstacles, he will show how to let go of old outdated perceptions to make room for the new. Gecko can teach how to maneuver in this transition phase of mental, spiritual and emotional death and rebirth. He will show how to emerge successfully in this spectacular change within your Self. When Gecko appears it is also a time to pay attention to dreams and visions for he will show how to shift and molt perspectives. Are you holding too tightly to current perceptions and ideas? Are you balancing your emotion and mind? Gecko can show how there is regeneration in life's endeavors by listening to this inner guidance so one can find balance in this transition time.   (Link)

Most of this information could not have been more relevant.  The majority of the ideas behind this work is all about opposites.  Dark and light, and in the most inner core of that idea is transition and balance.  Even more of a coincidence is that 2012 was all about transition for me, travelling the world for eight months (alone- except for 6 crazy weeks) will do that.  It was almost like I needed to do the journey before I would be mature enough to appreciate the idea.

That's it.  I know most of what I said is rambling nonsense- there are reasons people say not to drunken-Internet.  But this is something I wanted to remember.  That is what I get for having an online diary.

..And if you haven't herd this, you should.  I've listened to it more times then I'd like to admit!

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