23 May 2013

Really Good

There are certain people that I make it my business that I must go see them.  Next time I am in Europe, it will be him.

People who I have skipped town just to see them play a show:
Glitch Mob

The next two on my list:
Nicolas Jaar

On another note, this would have been possible to see Nico at this years Lighting in a Bottle festival, (Temecula, CA) but I am already arranged to be at my dear friends wedding!  Bad timing I suppose.  It must mean that I need to see him in a smaller venue.  

I was asked by one of the promoters for the event to cover the festival.  Yes, I had to turn down a free ticket.  And yes, I will still rant and rave to anyone who will listen about how cool this event will be, and that you must go.  Here is a teaser:

I'm pretty sure I'm loosing my mind just thinking that I'll miss it.

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