28 September 2011

Does not Exist pt. 1

I drew this image when I was 13. What I want to confess at this moment, is that even I was not aware of what I am doing when it happened. Truthfully, I would have never of been able to explain what I did, and why I did it. And that is a classic "art no-no." If you are an artist and go to school, you learn that you must have a reason behind every action, you must do research, and you must look up other artists and have a dialogue about what is happening. Not me, I was 13 and naive.

Blast into the future 10 years later. I am now reading books on general relativity, quantum mechanics, sacred geometry, and geckos. All these things separately come together in one beautiful cosmic dance that now allows me to perfectly explain what I must have foreseen. No, I'm probably not a profit, but! I was most likely tapping into something i knew but didn't understand.

I don't really think many people will see what I intentionally made. That's fine, i don't think I ever really meant to show this to anyone. But, as of a month ago, I have been working on a recreation of this piece. It is a 4x4' image I am painting in oil. If you don't already see it, it is a Lizard siting on rocks and two wood planks. Engraved in one piece of wood is the words "Does not Exist." In the background there is a labyrinth, while in the foreground hangs two symbols that have been intertwined. One is the Merkaba, and the other is the Seed of Life. There are other elements throughout the painting that don't really need to be mentioned.

I am posting this because the recreation is what I mean to show at Sub-Ciliate, in Vancouver BC. My only hope is that the paint is dry by then.

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