21 September 2011


I have always loved geometry. Then I learned what sacred geometry was, and became even more fascinated then before. Around the time I was finishing college I became obsessed with hexagons and triangles. And on a good day I could close my eyes and see shapes shifting outward from a center point. These moving images in my head became the inspiration for a lot of work around that time. However, to capture these complex and extremely intricate patterns I saw in my head were more difficult then I could have anticipated.

This Image is a tribute to a vision I had while sitting by the ocean at Mussel Beach on Vancouver Island. The only part I left out was the bright electric blue lines with white edges between all the shapes. It was done in oil, a medium I am still pretty uncomfortable with, but trying to learn nonetheless.

Who knows, it took me about a year of working on it on-and-off to get to this stage. Maybe I'll go back into it when I feel like I know how to do what I want to do to it. For now I'll just hang it in my room.

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