18 September 2011

Random Days

My favorite days are the ones where things happen that you never planned. You end up sharing your time with people you just met. Often finding yourself in odd places wondering how it came to be. And when its all said and done, your cheeks are sore from smiling so much.
This last weekend was mostly unplanned, and along with it came many awakenings. I continually try to achieve self improvement, and because of it I am a little bit happier every day. I am fascinated by the people I meet who are all so vastly different. And as we all move around this planet we breath in and out of each others reality's making it all the more dream-like.

And while everything changes, some things will always be the same. Like my obsession for music, and a love for the out doors. And even though camping in the northwest most likely means you'll get rained on, I still think its one of the most magical places ever.

So I'll just continue to stumble from dream to dream. Maybe one day I'll wake up, but right now I think I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be.

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