06 February 2012

Summer in Winter

Some days I feel like I'm drifting in and out of reality. My best bet to bring myself back is to do something active that brings me into the moment. This last week has been freakishly nice for this time of year, so I had to take advantage of it. I took myself and a camera down to the beach on the first day, and into the hills on the second.

Funny thing about Bellingham, is that when its nice out its too nice for taking photos. It was hard finding the right lighting, but I did it in the end. During these day I had a big itch to go to Mt. Baker for some ski adventures. Lucky for me all my wishing finally got me a call from a good friend asking if I wanted to go the next day. I agreed, a little bummed that it would be on a Sunday when the mountain is crowded, but happy non the less. Turned out that the next day was Super Bowl Sunday, and we were but a small handful of people to make it up. Turned out to be one of my favorite Baker days yet.

Thanks for all the love.

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