04 June 2012

Lovina, Bali

Have you never herd the story?

Lovina was the name of an ancient Egyptian Queen.

As legend has it she ruled over a flourishing society of wanderers.

This was not without her influence of course, for she was also a witch and intentionally cast a spell over the people using a magic potion.

The effect it had on the people of the city caused them to be free from suffering.

They had immense light in their eyes and appreciation in their hearts, the only difference was that no one could see or hear each other.

So as things would evolve throughout the day, the changes would only occur when everybody slept.

The Queen was unique in that she did not care about invading other territories or building herself mighty temples and pyramids, she only wanted peace.

The goal she had for the people was for them to explore what they could while they could and have each other build their own personal empire.

This was the purpose for the potion.

However the Queen was also an artist and had many creations she wanted to share.

So one day she changed the potion just slightly so the people could see the papyrus scrolls she drew on.

This would allow people to see the world as it is.

Once she had changed the potion, she placed a sketch she had made of a yellow and blue butterfly outside her door frame.

The first person to come across it was a little girl.

Astounded by what she found, she took the paper and brought it back to her weathered red brick flat where she could admire it.

Weeks went by and the girl always kept a watchful eye wherever she went, hoping to catch a glimpse of a yellow and blue butterfly.

The little girl knew that someone else had created the image and continuously wondered what that person could have been thinking or feeling, or even where they were.

Just like the little girl, others had found the scrolls the Queen created.

Even though no one could see each other, they became aware of their existence.

And even though they may never see each other, everyone realized that through keen awareness it is the things from the people you cant see is what makes life serene.

Just something I herd once.

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