05 July 2012

End of Asia Journey

Having just arrived back in Thailand, I went to a place that all backpacker's encounter at least once on their trip through Asia, but that I had somehow managed to avoid.  KhoaSan Road.

From my Hostel I was trying to figure out where I could go.  Having just blown $300 on a plane ticket to get out of Indonesia I was looking for a cheep solution for a nice place to stay that wouldn't totally destroy my wallet.  A tip off from a friend led me to Aonang.

On my final day, I took an adventure over to a spot called Railay, it was really worth the extra effort.  A good location for rock climbing, even being someone who doesn't rock clime, I found some pretty intense trails that are not for the faint of heart.

Having only brought flip flops, I had to abandon my shoes and hike these gagged rock cliffs barefoot.  This picture doesn't do justice, but from where my feet are to the area in the top left corner (Where the rope is) is at least twice my height.  For me this was a lot of fun!

Thanks Asia, right when I was starting to feel at home I was on my way to a whole new place.  Europe, I hope your ready for this!

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