08 August 2012

European Rendezvous

From here on out, I'm spending my time with friends and family, or friends who are family.  It will be just as fast paced as my time through Asia, the only difference being that I'm very distracted.

In order to remember a bit of what has happened while not giving away too much, here are my notes and special things to remember:

Hvar, Croatia.

Amazing place, glad I went, but will not return soon. What once was a cheep and exotic backpackers destination has sprouted into the new trendy yachters party destination.  There is nothing wrong with that, because even yachters need a good get-a-way.  I had more fun with the people I was with then the place itself.  So cheers to old friends, and new friends, and everybody in between.

France, Paris.

The land of romance.  First night, dressed up as much as a peacock and accumulated a whole bouquet of roses.  Second night, laughed at the peeping tom from a nearby balcony watching me shower.  Third night, danced madly in the park with headphones on under the Eiffel Tower.  Forth day,  met Tiggur and went bouncing around the city for the weekend.  I don't know why everybody says Parisians are rude, because they have certainly been more then wonderful towards two pretty ladies.

Berlin, Germany.

I'm in love.  With a place, a sound, a feeling, and that is Berlin.  It has stolen my heart away and the only thing I can do is go running after it.  This life is a chess game and this is my next move!  Everything about everything there is incredible, especially if you are an artist.  The streets emanate inspiration, from the sounds that echo from the old rundown warehouses and the colorful art that's plastered itself over every inch of wall.  The only word to describe it is Minimal, and in the most complex of terms.  Red, yellow, and blue are the primary colors they use to decorate.  The locals do not show excitement but will respond to something funny with a simple straight faced "ha."  Most people might be taken aback by this rugged industrial land, but it has captivated my heart.  Berlin, I will return soon.

Mellieha Bay, Malta.

The one thing I realized: As long as you start your journey with the purpose of getting lost then it never truly happens, instead you will be exactly were you want to be.  This part of the trip was reserved for sleeping, swimming, and visiting ruins.  Make sure to cover your shoulders when entering the Cathedrals, otherwise little men will come out of the dark shacking their fingers and going "tci tci tci tci tci tci" while scrunching their face at you.  Although, this also makes for a good laugh.

Barcelona, Spain.

Onward, forward, outward and upward!  Siesta in the daytime so the people get busy at night.  People walk slow, dress up nice, eat tapas late, and dance to the cha-cha!  This is the first time on the trip where I'm starting to act like a tourist.  I even got a map... looked at sites, climbed the parks hill to walk around the castles.  Took pictures of everything, and happily made fools of ourselves in public.  Many laughs where given that day.

...To be continued.
Next Malaga, to Marocco, then to Southern france to do wine tours all the way back to Paris.

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