30 November 2012

Totem Animal Series pt1

I enjoy an absurd amount of detail.  So anytime I get a small pen in my hand, craziness ensues.

A little while ago, I started asking people what their favorite animals are.  I will be working on this series until I've given out all the completed images.


  1. Skye! These drawings are incredible!!!!
    Still enjoying looking at the small collection of prints I bought from from you, there stuck on my wall next to my bed so I can see em every morning!

    I'm not in Berlin any longer either, not sure for how long, but I look forward lo seeing you sometime, somewhere, somehow..

    Can't wait to see more of this collection!!

    Big love, David xx

  2. Wow,
    Your Racoon reminds of one I see sometimes on my walks through a local refuge.
    Love Otters, so I would love to see them. ;-)

    Your amazing level of detail brings the drawings to life!