10 November 2013

Living in Your Head

Don't confuse the idea of something with the object itself.

Mastery comes from the experience of something, not the expectation.

Do it because you want to, not because it's what you were told.

I've spent hours in front of a canvas this weekend, and the more time you spend in silence the more realizations that come to fruition.   These are ideas from the past, only to become true to my painting and my life once again.

Let me explain more clearly.

With myself and the people around me, I can often see that we become caught up with the idea of something.  In your head you have it all planned out, it's there, it even feels real.  In your head it's the truth, and gets to the extent that it is your reality.  It is important to let go of this misconception, because what is in your head isn't always (if ever) what is really happening.  This is how to master your reality.

In order to become a master of anything, there is a certain amount of focus and experience that needs to happen.  You can not just pick up any object and know it.  First you must hold it, then use it, and after many many hours will you then start to understand it. When you have mastered it, it's no longer a separate entity but part of you, an extension of yourself.  Don't expect to know it because you've been told.

Lastly, no one needs to do anything the way its been taught in the past.  Learn the rules so that later you may break them.   The only reason there has been any improvement or evolution in the world is because others were willing to try something new.  Be on the leading edge, do what feels right in the moment, and always create your own path.  Sure you shouldn't try to reinvent the wheel, but why not toss it out and just learn to fly?

Just some dizzy thoughts from a paint filled weekend.

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