07 November 2014

Painting with Moulding Mediums

Okay, this image is very pixelated I know.  But that's okay, because this is just a draft.

I am guilty, of having not painted all year.  Instead I have filled it with work, travel, and play. However I recently received some private classes on acrylic mediums, and it has opened an entirely new realm of possibility.  If you are an artist and want to learn how to become skilled at materials, take private lessons.  If you want to be an artist who just acts like an artist, go to school.

I got my four year degree, and all I got out of it was a piece of paper and two years of never touching a sketch book or canvas.  Take one night of private lessons, and get a crazy urge to paint.  I know that in todays society it is almost mandatory to get a degree in order to be taken seriously.  Having a degree in art will qualify someone to get hired for a job that has nothing to do with art just because it looks better then the person without any secondary schooling.  It is a shame, but it is how 'Merica is modeled.  Whoever works the hardest gets the leg up, unless it's physical labor, then you just get treated like dirt.

Last year was all about painting.  This year was all about travel, work, and making movies.  Next year I think is going to look different all together.

Just after my last statement, I just realized something.  This drawing was my logo for my production business for film.  Yet now it's a painting.  A merger is beginning!

If you know me personally, you'll know not to take much of what I say seriously.

And Just a bit later...

Credit where credit's due.  Meet Honeydew.

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