11 January 2015

2015 Mantra

I am strong, I relax, I forgive.
I am going places.

It is easy to get wound up, it is difficult to put it behind you and move forward.  Live a life of going against the gain, the difficult path is always more rewarding.

Some people are good at constants, routines, and the day-to-day.  I however seem to demand an ever-constant flowing change, routinely moving forward, and day-to-day surprises.

I am Strong.  I have what I need to move forward.  I've been working up to this moment and now is that time to move, lung forth and leave behind my ties.

I relax.

I forgive.  I forgive myself, for all the choices I made, if it wasn't for them I wouldn't be where I am now.  Take it as a blessing.  I forgive others, for the choices they made, they had to do what was needed in order to learn and grow, it was all for the best.

I relax.

In the last few months I've witnessed much drama based on people's assumptions, it is but a big reminder to follow these four agreements:
1.  Be impeccable with my word
2.  Know to not take it personally
3.  Not to make assumptions
4.  To always do my best.

I relax.

I am going places.  Read The Alchemist, again.  I am a creator, remember your thoughts shape your future.  Your words create today.  Your choices become your reality.  Watch for the signs, they've been there all along, and sometimes sting your harder then you asked for.

This is what the sting ray was telling you.

He is letting you know that everything is now in place. You have the knowledge, you have the means, you have the tools and you have the skills – now get busy and get on with it. Everything you have worked toward is open to you so stop hesitating. Have faith in your abilities and follow your inner guidance.
Alternatively Stingray is asking you to stay on course and keep moving forward. Don’t allow distractions or drama to sway you from your journey. Do not be afraid to protect your own path.

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