03 January 2017

Flash Sheet Series #1

Early last year in a new twist of events I decided to become a tattoo artist. With that I have switched my time usually dedicated to painting for drawing.  My first flash series was assigned by my mentor who gave me topics to cover and some input on how to make the images proper for tattooing.  Being my first go and only knowing what was going on one sheet at a time, I kept things simple. These are the following images in order accompanied with what I was prompted to draw.

Rose, Beetle (any kind), Lotus, Dagger+Skull+Butterfly.

Dia de los Muertos Girl, Gypsy Girl, Gibson Girl.

Two sleeves: Snake+Flower, Lotus+Fish.

Bat, Spider, Owl, Grim Reaper, Graveyard Scene.

Mandala, Bee+Geo, Skull+Geo, Three Piece Pattern.
Look for Prints, Flash, and more art here:  lilyskyart.com

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