07 September 2010

Learining The Basics

As any art student would know, Figure Drawing is a staple in understanding the human body and a tool to furthering your own abilities. Everyone can be good or bad at it, in the same day I might draw one pose worth bragging about or another worth throwing away. Whatever the case I have always loved doing it. This may be due to the lack of figures in my personal work, but whatever the psychology is behind this reason I would still suggest to anyone to investigate the intelligence behind great figure drawings throughout time.

Top Image: Figure of Man under Blanket made with Ink Pen
Second Image: Single line drawing of Figures in a room. (One continuous line)

These two top images show my work using illustration Pens. I have always liked 'line' and the simplicity of it - however, when discussing this topic within the 'Fine Art' realm, Critics often lead to its strong representation towards 'Illustration.' This comment can sometimes be taken good or bad depending on the critic or the circumstance. To make a line exciting can be difficult, but once achieved is also rewarding. so Illustrative or not, I enjoy it very much.

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