07 September 2010

Taking it a step further...

There are two types of figure drawing to me: Realistic, and exaggerated. I like both for different reasons. When I first started out, I would always try to make my drawings as realistic as possible, because I thought that was what made a 'Good' Figure Drawing. As time went by and I was exposed to more and more work I realized (what some people call) Naive Art can also be attractive to the human eye. Possibilities are endless in this world. In my whole career with Figure classes, I may have created several realistic looking figure paintings. The rest was eventually morphed from a feeling to an image. Ink painting is very difficult, and from them I had to reinvent a new technique for myself. (something other then realistic) The result being an abstracted figure made using both painted and drawn techniques.

Top Image : Acrylic on Paper
Second Image : India Ink using Calligraphy Brush and Bamboo Pen

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