06 March 2012

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A short note. Anyone who is 30 and younger sees the world much differently then the generations above them. I spend a lot of time discussing with people who are watching the state of affair of our planet, and we as a global society have reached a point where things can not function the way they have been. People generally hate change because they can't think of how to do it, or they are scared of possibly failing if they try.

We are built on a consumerist society that rewards the corporations by giving them free reign and unsupervised control. I have spent time around both parties, and when talking to people in the 1% they seem to be clouded in their own delusions. I could go on, but I could not say it better then in the above article. What the rich don't seem to get, is that their continual profit comes at the expense of other people. If you think that we live in an ideal society, watch the video below.

In Ideas of the Great Philosophers by William and Mabel Sahakian, Communism is defined as :

Contrary to a widespread assumption, Communism is essentially a philosophy advocating the "common ownership of the means of production," or, from another point of view, the "abolition of private property." No individual person (or limited group of persons) may monopolize property, except for minor personal belongings, because property belongs to the people as a whole. Whenever property can be privately owned, "exploitation of the many by the few" results.

Until a few days ago I was completely ignorant to the true idea behind Communism because I fell for the white-washed propaganda told to me in our educational system. Yet now I understand why government told us to fear it.

I am not trying to attack people with wealth. But in my thinking I believe that more people could live better lives if wealth was distributed properly. Monopolies allow only the top dog to profit, everyone else becomes a slave to that system. The largest companies are now so large their is no longer any competition, because the ability to compete is almost impossible. Most of us are waiting around for the fat-cats to wave their magic wand so that we might catch some of the sprinkles trailing from behind it.

There is a documentary that just came out. It's called Thrive. It is absolutely phenomenal. If you are a little unsure why our society is the way it is, this video is a great overview. It talks about free energy, the banking system, and offers solutions of ways we can act in order to start changing to a better future. It is possible. People just have to be willing to try.

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