08 March 2012

A Part of Life

Sometimes there are people in your community that build empires. They work hard to bring together people in a positive way to do what they all love most. For a large population of people in Vancouver B.C. that would be the music scene. Whenever you take away a part of it, you start to feel like the world is crumbling.

I would like to give my love out to Tom, aka TJ Hooker, for being one of those people who helped so many individuals by creating unforgettable memories through the events they brought to the city. And I hope that just because he is gone, that people don't loose sight in continuing to support the people who continue to make these events happen.

I understand it is natural for people to morn the loss of someone they are close to and love. But when I was younger and lost a close friend I also learned that you should celebrate their life. Remember that one day we will all die, but that is why you should live life to its fullest. And when people are lost along the way, be happy that you shared the good parts with them and love how great they were with the time they were given. Love them rather then spending your time wishing you could change what has already been done.

At least, when I die, I hope people remember how much fun we had and find some way to celebrate my life.

Thank you Tom, I can't explain how many time you blew my mind. Some of my greatest memories are from a number of your shows, and its hard to imagine that anything will live up to them. After what I've seen, I'll never be the same. I've spent my last three birthdays dancing in circles around the people I love most, and this month I'm am coming back for my fourth and final birthday during your show. It will be different without you, and this marks a huge chapter in everyone's lives. I'll make sure to dance extra hard for you.

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