27 January 2014

Darkside's Eclipse

Darkside, I said it was going to be good.  It was better then good.

Well rounded spectacular.  I forgot how crowded a sold out show will get.  Elbow to elbow standing room, yet somehow we made it to the sweet spot for the visuals.  I didn't dare bring anything to the show, thankfully we made it out with this one image.

This is the start of something huge, especially in the terms of music.  It's still small but growing rapidly.  A while back I listened to the Boiler Room set they did, it was apparent that this duo was creating the current-day version of Pink Flyod's Dark Side of the Moon.  Well, apparently that was their inspiration.  But the best part is that it is totally their own.

The whole set was a journey rythmeclly, mentally, and visually.  Watching two people in perfect minimal syncronicity experimenting in sound gives you chills more violent then a Beyonce shake.  I called it a full body orgasim which half the crowd apparently herd, luckily my friend tried to gracefully cover up my comment by calling that feeling the urge to dance.  Either way my body has once again has reconfigured its molecular structure into harmonic perfection with all of the universe.  This may seem dramatic, but four highly educated conosours of music (my three friends and I) were left quite speechless after the show was over.

It is not often you find a group that is as comfortable with silence as much as they are sound.  This may be natural for the musician, but to get the audience on this same level is another trick all it's own.    The first ten minuets of the show was spent influencing the audience into a very particular mental state, as if to accept the idea of nothingness and the vast void.  For the first little bit people were talking and giggles echoed from around the room.  But then we were all sucked in, and the journey began.

Most shows today musicians depend on everything from flame throwers, fireworks, giant LED stages, and lasers.  Lots of Lasers.  Even this set was minimal to the core.  One giant round mirror with lights on one side and dark on the other set up as an optical allusion.  It would rotate ever so slowly creating an eclipse in the pitch-black room filled with a thin smoke.  And then... Worm Holes.  I still don't quite know how they achieved it, just a simple trick and you could see through the infinitely deep tunnel that is nothing.  Well done Darkside.

I still don't really know what to say.  I think I'm still speechless.  This is an event I will never forget.

Best show ever.

This isn't anything like what I saw, making it even better because it means every show is unique.

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