07 January 2014

"Unordinary" by Dingo

Live your life in the unordinary way. What is it that drives us and creates real meaning in our lives? Can the 9 - 5 complete us?
When I walk around the streets, there are so many scowling, distracted, unvital faces. I have to ask what's missing? Surely I don't get the sense of being-complete as being in the air. Of course, some people will not have ideal jobs but it seems like a staggering amount of people are devoting the majority of their time to an activity that they have no attachment to. Working to get money, to survive in this machine of Capitalism. But we're following a path that we're told we must. What comes natural is the hunt and love.
The Hunt and Love. Us animals have dulled our senses. We've traded a keen eye for computer screens, soothing natural sounds for engine noises, soil and soft skin for cement and personal bubbles. We feel sorry for exotic animals removed from their natural environment, not seeing the irony in that we are the same; except that elephants can't be fooled into thinking that money has value.
A utopic society seems so far away while locked into these systems. Many people complain about the mass of idiots that saturate our controlling nations. But you don't need to be a scholar to know what feels right. Two children coming from polar-opposite societies could likely get along without shared language or tradition. If provoked, they could likely devise a functional, rudimentary, governing system.
The world is dark and scary only when you're afraid to see what's there. Look a little deeper and you'll likely find something familiar.
You are more than just a fleshy function - a cog in the wheel allotted scraps of the day for personal projects, loved ones and numbing agents.
We are all trees bound by sidewalks, bursting through seams of cement, given enough time and pressure.
We all have that seed - that strength - that love, we've been told to contain. But that seed has unbridled potential and is only limited by yourself. This is an era of exponential growth, and era that you are a part of.
How best you embrace your potential to live life in the unordinary way?

By a very clever Dingo, well said!

Most recently I've been feeling a tired energy overtaking me.  Even though I love my work, I feel like the adventure has slipped away.  Not only is my body tired from working 10+ hours a day every day, but my mind has lost the vital stimulation that it need to be vibrant.  Sure, lots of plans are in the works, but its been a long time to do the same thing every day.

People need adrenaline.  It pumps blood through your viens, diallates your pupils, and gives you super human strength.  People should do something every day that makes them know what it means to be alive again.  We've become jadded to the machine, its time to change that.  Whether it's mental or physical, its time to get your vibrance back. 

I didn't really make any new years resolutions, that one slipped away.  But as this month rolls on I'm discovering whats most important to me.  Its time to wake up, shake it around, and live in an unordianry fashion.  Sure hard work is great, I seem to be addicted to it.  But now is a time to break out of our shells.  This is our life, might as well be free.

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