15 May 2014

Nepal Tour pt. 2: In and Out

Never did I think I would fly across the world to spend only four days 4-wheeling into the mountains.  Once again it was back to Nepal for more filming, this time talking to doctors and working with children to start a pilot study for the state of health in rural communities.  The landscape is still as rugged as ever, and the children as cute as can be.  This is but a glimpse into the journey.

The filming was easier this time around, having some prior experience with knowing the routine and what to expect.  But there are still always pleasant surprises.  The last day was spend in Kathmandu which just happened to be the Buddha's Holiday, as well as a full moon.  We woke up at 4:30 in the morning to catch our flight just in time to see the moon setting over the hills.  Bye for the second time, weirdly I hope to see you again.

This is a raw video I took of some of the kids.  Unedited, shaky, and blurry most the time.  When the kids see a camera, they think you are taking a photo, so many crowd around and pose, without knowing the camera is rolling.  The best part is showing the kids afterwards and seeing their reactions.  Imaging ducking down on the ground and having 20 kids huddled around laughing at what they see.  This is one I showed the group and even the mothers, I'd like to say I do it to see their smiles.

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