24 October 2011

Free Painting Lessons (BERGSMATV)

I've been slacking BIG TIME! My creative energy has been invested into getting my mums painting videos launched. As the director, video photographer, producer, editor, the list goes on, its been taking up a lot of my time. Especially when I'm self taught.

I'm working on the new Final Cut Pro X, and I have no background with video. This weekend, we will have launched at least 3 videos. I am also trying to recover our first practice video, and hopefully make one extra to be able to launch five videos total. I've been working with this for a month now and so far, these three videos are an example of my progress.

I know this doesn't replace my weekly Image post, but its a look at to what I've been doing!

This is a starting video on helping people understand color theory by creating a pigment based color wheel, rather then the traditional color wheel. Its a one of a kind.

This video is also going to be one of a kind. It is a tutorial on how to paint different kinds of washes. This way, for the rest of our video series, we can create time lapses and allow people to enjoy the process rather then telling them over and over again.

This video is a better example of what most of our videos will be like. It is the first one, so as we experiment more, it will obviously evolve. Hope you enjoy!

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