27 April 2012

Ankor Wat at Siem Reap, Cambodia

Horses at Ankor Wat 

Shrines for Buddhas within the Temples

Elephant rides

Bayon Temple

It was a long hike to the top.

I found a place of solitude.

Around the temple, fallen stones have been re-stacked in random order. 

Many of the temples are made with sandstone, so there are many intricate designs that have worn away. 

Shrine at top of Ta Keo.  Extremely long and steep steps to the top of worn down and crumbling sandstone.

This was one of the many girls that tryed to sell me something, she was waiting at the top of  Ta Keo.  I hung out with her and drew a picture that we colored together and I let her keep.  Afterward I gave her my color pencils as a present.
This was the temple I really wanted to see, Ta Prohm.  Its overgrow with trees.  There were a lot of tourists at this spot.  I went wandering inside the temple and found a guy who was willing to show me into some forbidden areas.  Right then my camera batterie died.  I finished my illegal tour and made it a goal to come back the next day.

Today I toured myself into the depths of the temple to see what I could find.

I found this badboy.

This was the doorway I had to scramble through.

This is where I continued to run around on top the roof.

They always start out small....

And then get big!

I was taking blurry pictures of monkeys, when a car pulled over and some girls throw the monkey a bunch of bananas.  The started to eat the bananas, spitting half of it out, then decided to hijack their car.  This was the only good pictures, damn guys never want to pose.

This was the drawing I worked on when I had found my spot.  I sat through the morning and worked on it.  One of the "Tour Guilds" came and watched me draw for a little while before scampering off to find his next customer.

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