09 April 2012

How to use Color Pencil

The new video I created for my mom is how to use color pencil (I would like to spell it colour because its in my nature to be defiant, but my auto correct doesn't seem to like it.) The point to these videos are to post free art lessons online so people will be more encouraged to try and create their own art. Its been a fun experiment and I've learned a lot. Considering I never went to school or had lessons on how to film or work on editing software, I think I'm doing pretty good.

However, my mom is a painter, and has never really dedicated herself to mastering the art of color pencil. That was my thing. In high school I would carry around a box of some 96 different colors so as to better be able to ignore my teachers when I was in public school. That said, I was able to put in a lot of hours on learning how to use this material to its fullest.

That's why, in this video, even though it my mom introducing the tutorial, it ultimately was I who colored the image. She tried to get me to do the whole thing, but there was no way I was getting in front of that camera. In the end, I think it turned out okay.

Some of the images I used to color in 9th and 10th grade:

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