20 April 2012

First 4 days: Thailand

For the 4 days I've been in Thailand, this is the only music I've listened too.  It is a perfect depiction of my mood, a bit of nostalgic serene beauty, my thoughts as hazy as the humidity, while overcoming confusion for what lies around every corner.  If that doesn't makes since, welcome to my world.  Today I talked to someone for the first time since I left the plane, I realized my english became a little poorer then it was before.

Things have been eventful, and uneventful at the same time, the shortest version was written to my friend that I'll be seeing later in my travels:

Well, I don't really know what I was expecting to encounter...  All I can say is I'm happy I'm out of the city.  I wasn't feeling so good and had been sleeping non-stop, today I'm starting to feel like myself.  The place I'm staying at right now, a little Thai woman was saying this is hot, even for Thai people!  I though I was just being a wimp.  But now I'll be at the beach for 4 more nights, and they have Internet so I'm going to spend some time today figuring out my next route.  I'm starting to see its a lot harder when you use public transportation then the guided tour routes- such as I've done.  People have been really nice so far, and i have a little puppy dog that likes to follow me around at this hotel, so I'm not feeling as lonely :)  Haven't meet any other travelers, they seem to know better then to come around this time a year!  

Anyways, missing you lots, can't wait to see you in Paris!

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