26 December 2011

Black Whole

This makes me more happy then could ever be described. "This guy" started were Einstein left off. If you've ever liked mathematics, fractals, science, sacred geometry, physics, metaphysics, idea of infinity, and anything about the universe really, you'll like this documentary.

Its been a while sense I've watched it, but the ideas still ring loudly in my mind. The first time I saw it I got chills, kinda made me giggle that I finally understood why I paint what I paint. Not that I hadn't understood already, but this gave me reassurance.

I remember in 4th grade, our class was studying Space, and we were all to choose a subject and create a project to turn in. Most people chose things like planets, stars, what a galaxy is, or a nebula. You know, things that could be explained. I chose to talk about Black Holes. You can imagine the extent of my research, considering that in the 90's there was no scientific explanation of what they are other then the fact that we know they exist. I guess if I had been a smarter elementary school kid (or had scientific parents) i could have talked about how the gravitational force of Black Holes bend time. However, I had to settle on creating a silly clay model in a shoe box. Now, the questions that have been turning in my head about black holes sense age 9 has finally been answered. Enjoy!

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