06 December 2011

Good vs. Evil

In physics it is said that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. I think this applies to more then just physics.

The simplicity of the idea makes it monstrous. It even has its own logo, yin-yang. This idea has been understood for thousands of years by humans. In our own history we have come across periods of time of growth and accomplishments. Then followed by destruction and chaos. Religions claim to document such events, as well as history books. Great civilizations continuously rise and fall. The more I try to figure out why these things happen, the more frustrated I become by the deviousness of the people responsible.

At one point in my life, I would remark how stupid these people were. Then I came to realize it isn't stupidity, because only someone who was highly intelligent could conduct such an outrageous crime. Instead its pure evil that could do things such as burn the Library of Alexandria, sustain the middle ages, or start the Holocaust.

In the book Shantaram, there is a conversation between two men. They are discussing universal right and wrong (the word universal being up for debate). One man says what is right will lead to perfect order, and that which is wrong will lead to chaos. Within our own existence, we are working towards perfection (he relates perfection as being god). However, there are people who stand in the way. This is where it gets interesting. His philosophy is that there are around 100 truly evil people on this planet, so evil they surpass anything imaginable. On the second level there are about 100,000 people that are not the evil masterminds, but will work happily beside them. Then on the third level, there are 10,000,000 people who voluntarily and blindly do the bidding's of the evil men before them without question. Like Gandhi said, they only have power if you obey them.

America was started on one simple idea, freedom. So where are we at now? Has it all gone as planned? We've created vast amounts of technology, made enormous scientific discoveries, and lived like kings. You might think that we reached our climactic moment of glory. Or is it the other way around? Have we instead been demolishing our environment, polluting ourselves as well as the planet, and living in fear?

If it were the first, that means that we've had a good run, but everything is soon to crumble because of a small handful of truly evil people. They command others to enforce laws that will break the spirit of its citizens, and we will fall.


We've been on the ground all along, too blind to see we tripped. Even though we think we are an advanced society full of intelligence and pride, we are nothing but kids in a playground. We still have much growing up to do. We are ready for our Renaissance. Could this be our chance?
Occupy has been nothing but peaceful, and it has been met with evil. It is now come to two side pushing against one another. Which side is going to give?

Remember remember the 5th of November.

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