25 December 2011

If you haven't seen these movies, you should.

Triplets of Belleville
This is a clip from the movie. I want to call it a silent film because there is no talking in it, but there is sound. Well worth seeing more then once.

I had seen this on the selves of movie places for a while, and had never bothered to pick it up. One day a friend who owned the video told me how good it was and that I must see it. Now I'm passing the same advise to you.

Spirited Away
I think after I rented this I watched it several times before I returned it.

As far as Anime goes, this is more of an Artistic-Fantasy-Ninja flick with cool-dark-metaphoric undertones.

The trailer sucks, the movie is brilliant. If you have ever liked Guy Ritchie films, you'll like this one, because everyone loves European mobster movies.

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