23 January 2012

Colorado Aspens

4'x4' Acrylic on Canvas:

...Sometimes things leave a mark.

I probably could have found a better suited song, but during the trip that this was inspired from- this song became something that I played on repeat for quite some time.

I never saw myself as an emotional artist, but maybe emotion just comes with the territory of growing up. I'm finding it hard to talk about this piece because the backbone is 3 months of personal struggle. As the days grew darker, so did the picture. At one point I became to afraid to do anything else to the picture thinking I would ruin it if I did. Then something happened. I stopped worrying about it. I realized that life isn't so serious, and who cares if I mess it up? Its just a picture.

I've overcome many obstacles this last three months. And this picture is a reflection of all of it. I know some people may think "but its just a landscape?" That's the funny thing about art, it never is just that.

What I've learned is:

Realize there is no point
Laugh at your ego
Live in the moment
Love yourself and others
Do what makes you happy

Thank you again Wesley and Shana for this trip- I had a lot of fun in Aspen driving through the mountains. It left this imprinted in my head, and I was finally able to finish it the way I wanted!

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