02 January 2012

The Land Between the Tides

SUBCORR - xxx (Forthcoming 10Pin) by SUBCORR

Images for New Years Eve "Warriors of Time"

First off, I want to give a shout out to all the incredible people I know. And when I say incredible, I mean down right awesome-ass-kickin-glamtastic-warrior-bitches that know how to do it up right. You know who you are, and you've earned the level of cool that you possess. Well fucking done.

I say this because only incredible people can take a rock climbing facility that is under full construction, and transform it into an amazing party within a day and a half. Big speakers, lights, burlesque, belly dancers, couches, blow up mattresses, decorations, and crazy costumes galore! There was no lack of creativity to speak of. Every party gets better and better because everybody is trying to one-up themselves. A suggestion I have to anyone who's listening; if you ever get the chance to help set up for these kinds of parties, do it. I understand the excitement of showing up late to an event that is in full force and being blown away with surprise. But its something else entirely to be part of the creation. After having helped set-up a small handful of shows, I think I enjoy the set-up more then the party.

But that is not to say that the party wasn't amazing. The reason I go to these again and again is to recreate the feeling of falling away into the abyss. The lights are dark, the sound is so loud it rattles your skull, and when you close your eyes your thoughts finally cease. Everyone has their own reason for going to these parties, but mine is that. In normal everyday activity my thoughts play tag with each other until I fall asleep, when the dark of the night shines light on my dreams which I then confuse for reality when I wake up. And on and on it goes. That's why I crave a good dance floor, its therapeutic and an investment for my sanity.

Plus, I get to parade around in a white and black polka-dot dress posing as a Glamazon Warrior listening to all different types of grimy-tribal-electronic music. How fantastic and utterly fun. So thank you everybody for continually blowing my mind, your taste is incredible and you made it such a fun way to spend New Years.

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