28 January 2012


Wow. On trying to go to my own page, I accidentally (inevitably?) stumbled onto this site. They are just as geeky as I am when it comes to the study of sound as a visual. I call my web page cymaticsart art, they call it the abbreviated version.

A little run-down on Cymatics is also within the tab labeled "Inspiration" at the top of the page. There I describe that "The title 'Cymatics' is a study that combines different frequencies with liquid or powders to create a form or image, thus creating a visual display of sound." I also have extra links to more articles and videos if you interested in learning more.

The website that I found today has Cymatic Images of the Chakra frequencies and the different Brain wave frequencies. Cool stuff if you ask me!

Go there, its awesome!

These three images are created by (my guess) placing fluid in a round object, then playing the frequency of the corilating chakra. Blue/throat/384, yellow/diaphragm/315, and violet/Crown/480, and them shining light through it and photographing the image. I'm sure they used photoshop to change the color or tone of the image to be the color of the chakra represented.

In the website you can also see images for the brain frequencies beta, delta, alpha, and theta. All of these experiments can be seen as a scientific experiment. There are measurable constants that are followed to discover these results. If your having a hard time understanding, it's okay. It is what it is, just enjoy the image.

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