25 May 2012

Drawing at the Reggae Bar- pt. 1

The first few days were a little difficult.  I was having a hard time even making marks, turns out I was thinking too much.  Even after all this time out of school, it always takes a little while to get your creativity back.  This is just a start.

First drawing of the night, was trying to loosen up and just make something.  I am working only from  memory, I do not have a model to help with proportions and anatomy.

After finishing the first drawing, I felt like I had finally warmed up to start a second.

It eventually lead to this.

I am restricting myself is to work with only pen.  Working with pencil allows the artist to fuss over detail to the point where its never good enough and the drawing never gets completed.  By only using pen, even if I don't like an area I have to work with it anyways.  Besides, I have to remind myself that it's just a sketchbook, nothing needs to be perfect.

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