07 May 2012

Vientiane, Laos

I have been quite busy traveling from one city to the next, I got a little ahead of myself.  This city came before I arrived in Vang Vieng, thus should have come first in my blog.  However, I was so excited by all the rockets I let it get out of order.  So here is the lost entry:

While playing checkers on a picnic table using bottle caps, I watched an epic ant battle.
Because Laos was colonized by the French, the capital has its own Arch de Triumph.

Linna and I always happened to get the best views at our hotels.

We had biked to see the greatest monument in Laos, only to be followed by a storm.

Wind, followed by rain and lightning made us take refuge in the temple across the street.  We didn't want to get killed by a falling coconut so we waited patiently with the rest of the people.

After the storm ended we came out in time to see the Golden Hour.

Next morning around the city.

We found a Chinese Temple.  Most every temple I've been to is either Hindu of Buddhist thus far.

It had beautiful carvings inside.

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