05 May 2012

Giving In

The art of travel.  Don't fight it and don't have expectations.  The inability to cope could be your downfall.

Life is one amazing moment after another, continually evolving rapidly over every space and alley on this planet.  Wether it be slow or fast, nothing is the same.  As these places change, everybody's experiences are entirly diffrent.  Someone standing down the street from someone else will have a completely different perspective.  Or maybe you cross pathes with someone who is parrellel with you and unexpectedly decide to share that time together.  So as you make your dissisions throughout the day, follow your intuition and embrace your lostness.  You just might get caught in a tropical storm inside a temple during some unknown cerimony.  Or show up at some city the day of an festival you had no idea was taking place.  Some moments may seem difficult, but in the greater scheam of things you may have just gotten your shoes a bit wet.  Don't worry about it, because anything can dry off.

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