22 May 2012

A Head Full of Coconut Water

View from my porch.
I've arrived in Bali.  There is a small town on the northern shore called Lovina where I have chosen to stay the month.  It's quite, clean, cheep, and has very slow Internet.  The people are friendly, and even though I had decided to make this the introverted part of my journey I still seem to be surrounded by people which makes it extremely hard to be lonely, even when you travel alone.

Luckily I am staying at a place called Puspa Rama that has a very big garden and a patio in front of my room where I can lounge about all day if necessary.  The garden also contains a dozen of more Coconut trees, which the staff will clime for me if ever I want one.  The place is but a short 30 sec. walk from the ocean where I can lye on beach chairs and snooze away the day or get a 2 hour massage for a mere $6.

I have three books in my bag that will be finished before I leave:  Occult Philosophy, The Power of Now, and Godel, Esher, Bach: The Eternal Golden Braid.  There are not light reads, but interesting and full of radical ideas and perceptions of our world.

I have already busted out my sketch book and am working on drawing a little every day.  Nothing spectacular, but at least I'm making marks.

Later in my stay on the island, I will be taking a dance class.  The reason for my decision in this is that the local dance requires a special movement with the head where it can levitate side-to-side without any movement from the neck.  I have always been able to do this and have never met anyone else that could.  Here I am surrounded by people who also do it with ease.  Watch this video if your curious as to what I am talking about. 

This month will be slow, but that's okay.  It will however make an imprint on the lack of entries.  Photo's will be to a minimum until I have faster Internet.  In learning about myself I can can relate it to what I read, but will most likely not share.  My mantra for this part of the trip is to Heal the Body, Cleanse the Mind, and Purify the Soul.  If anywhere could do that, its Bali.

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